THEOS was founded in Jersey City, New Jersey on September 1, 2018, by Kasia Drucker but the idea was born a long time before that when Tadeusz, David and Kasia decided to perform vocal and poetry concerts for senior citizens.

We are artists dedicated to promoting different cultural heritages through theatrical, musical, poetic and operatic performances. We believe in the healing and therapeutic power of drama, vocal art, music, opera and poetry. Through art our souls are reborn into a whole new way of thinking. Like Phoenix from the ashes, our soul is rising to the new enlightenment

Phoenix in our logo is a symbol of  Transformation, Immortality and Renewal. Music and Theatre for ages have been transforming people's lives all over the world. These forms of Art never die and always renew our way of thinking. Pheonix lights up the world and gives hope for a second chance by coming to life again. Music and Theatre rise up our souls. It is a tool to bring happiness to the world, gives as a second chance to be good and compassionate towards others. 

Theos is the Greek word for "God" and together with the Greek word "Sophia" for wisdom creates Theosophia, Divine Wisdom. Different forms of art like theatre and opera are the key to a divine wisdom which is love, compassion and happiness. The Philosophy of Theosophia like Art creates the universal brotherhood of humanity without distinction of race, religion, caste or color.