Our Special Programs

Vocal and Poetry Parlour

Series of recitals that combines poetry from local, regional and international poets with classical songs, folk songs, operatic arias, baroque songs and oratorio music. These concerts are also a part of vocal and poetry therapy for senior citizens. Some of the recitals we already performed are "Magic of Polish Christmas" and "Passion and Resurrection" across NY and NJ. Those two programs are a part of the project "Poland Painted with Poetry and Songs"                

Drama and Music Sanctuary

Series of workshops to help kids and youth to cope with trauma, anxiety, anger and depression through writing and reciting poetry, acting, composing their own music or singing. At the end of the workshop, the kids perform in front of a live audience.

Vocal and Music Seniors Retreat

This program is a series of concerts to help seniors to reduce anxiety and agitation and increase happiness and engagement through concerts and sing-alongs. These recitals reconnect seniors with memories triggered by specific songs performed by solo artists or choir. 

Theatre and Opera Box

Series of workshops and performances to educate kids and adults about the history of Theatre and Opera. Through classical playwrights and opera composers, we educate the vocal techniques and speech techniques.

Benefit Concerts

Fundraising events through organizing charity concerts for kids who need instruments or money to pay for piano/vocal lessons.